Music: Nostalgia

Pictorial representation of Nostalgic music

Certain songs have the ability to remind us of certain periods or events in our lives some that make us smile, and some we would rather forget. Many people fall through their memories backwards in time after hearing a song from their high school days. For many people, music can induce nostalgia quickly and easily. Other sensory experiences can induce nostalgia as well, for example, people sent falling into nostalgia by the taste of a cookie dipped in tea. For many others, it may be a smell or a sight that evokes a long-forgotten memory.

But music seems to be a powerful memory cue for many people. The power of songs is to bring the mind previous events and times. It is found that songs frequently evoked memories. Sometimes a song would evoke a general recollection a memory for a life period such as high school, or college, or dating that certain someone from long ago. Other times, songs brought to mind specific recollections of particular events.

Music may also aid memory recall. It suggests that a ‘listen-and-sing’ learning method can facilitate memory. Evidence from some studies has led researchers to suggest music may help memory recall for people with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Regular musical leisure activities can have long-term cognitive, emotional, and social benefits in mild/moderate dementia and could therefore be utilized in dementia care and rehabilitation.


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