Music in Commercials

Music in Commercials

Music and advertising have maintained an intrinsically mutual relationship. The importance of music in advertising is very high, not only because it has been around for many years benefiting the company’s performance, but also because it leaves a significant impact on our emotions.

Music has been a core part of advertising for many years. Jingles and especially composed songs have been used in advertisements since the 1930s. Memory is just one of the many benefits music offers to advertisers. From creating moving messages to sending out calls of action, music can dramatically change the way you experience an ad. Companies such as P&G were able to link their brands with distinctive musical tunes and create commercials that are still spoken of highly today.

When the cost of original music copyright dropped considerably in the 1970s, the type of music in commercials starts to change because companies understood the power of music on our emotions as well as on our buying decisions.


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