Making of Album

Making of Album

Music production is just like any other skill in that it takes time, effort, and energy to get good at it. The hardest part of the whole process is learning how to curate and arrange sound; everything else is easy.

Develop a theme or concept for your album. Your approach to an album theme can be as loose or elaborate as you like, but some kind of theme is necessary to make your album cohesive.

Writing the songs for an album can happen in many different ways. Some songwriters set out to say something intentional with an album. Then they write the songs with that in mind.

To successfully create and release an album, you need a plan.

Before you start recording, figure out your budget based on how many songs will be on the album.

Plan Your Mixing and Mastering. Once you’ve recorded, comped, and edited the songs, it’s time for the mixing stage.

Spend a significant amount of time crafting new songs.

Choose the best tracks for the record. Carve away the songs that don’t fit your concept.

Rehearse the songs to prepare for recording in the studio. Studios usually charge by the hour and they are not cheap. Because of this, make sure that you’ve rehearsed the studio versions of your songs before. Do as much pre-production on the album as you possibly can before hitting the studio.


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